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The InterGenerational home concept is built upon the assumption that Seniors have adequate savings for a down-payment, but little income to pay off a new mortgage. On the other hand, their adult children, often 1st time home buyers, have adequate monthly incomes, but relatively little savings for a down-payment. (This information is confirmed by several studies done by Fannie Mae.)

Further, the concept supports the premise that a close Family structure provides benefits for all three generations. The seniors live in one apartment of the 1-floor duplex and the adult children, live in the other. When grandchildren arrive, the design allows for a very economical expansion which adds 2 bedrooms and a bath on a second level.

When the adult children need a baby-sitter, Grandma and Grandpa are right next door. If the Seniors need assistance in activities that affect their daily living their sons or daughters are in the next apartment.

Later, when the seniors pass-on, the 2nd apartment is available as a revenue source. Since there is always a need, in the market place, for wheel-chair accessible apartments, rents are at a premium.

The unique design of the InterGenerational Renaissance Home;

  1. Can be built on a 50 foot lot. (building is 40 x 60 ft).
  2. Has an attached 2-car garage.
  3. Is wheel-chair accessible.
  4. Is "expandable" for a growing family.
  5. Is "adjustable" for either a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment for the seniors.
  6. Can be sold as an Inter-Generational Home for the "Sandwich Generation" where grandparents live side-by-side with their children and grandchildren.
  7. Can be sold as a "starter home" for low-income families who need the additional rental-income to assist them to make monthly mortgage payments.
  8. Can be sold as a "retirement home" for senior, empty nesters, who want to downsize. 
  9. Can be sold as wheel-chair accessible housing. 
  10. Is an economical home which will be stick-built or panelized so it can be shipped long distances with a traveling crew for erection.
  11. Promotes the Federal Government's new policy to reach an all-time-high home ownership in America.

    For more info contact Norman Bakos at nbakos@SolutionsPartnering.Org, or phone/fax 716 892-1629.


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